Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 2/4/2013

1. Services.
EditingMD.com shall provide editing services for medical documents. To the best of their ability, editingMD.com will provide the specific services purchased by the client.

2. Compensation
Pay is due at the time of enrollment, and services may not commence until after payment is received. Fees may change at any time for any reason, solely at the discretion of editingMD.com.

3. Limit of Services
EditingMD.com does not owe me any editing services other than those purchased. EditingMD.com editing duties will be fulfilled when the services are completed and any further work will require an additional enrollment with subsequent payment. EditingMD.com is not bound by my personal expectations of the final outcome of their editing work and I rescind the right to demand additional editing reviews after the standard 2 reviews given based on the services selected.

4. Time Constraints
EditingMD.com makes no promises as to the amount of time it will take to return edited documents. While it is extremely rare to take more than 7 days to return a document, the editingMD.com service purchased is not guaranteed in any time frame.

5. Service Termination
I acknowledge that I can terminate this service at any time. There will be no refund for terminated services. EditingMD.com reserves the right to terminate service at any time for any reason, solely at their discretion. Any refund will be made at the sole discretion of editingMD.com.

6. Payment
Payment must be made by me prior to receiving any editing services from editingMD.com. Fees are completely non-refundable. No partial refunds will be issued. Services must be used within 3 months of the initial enrollment for specific services. Services not used within this time period will be voided, and a new payment must be made prior to receiving any editing services by editingMD.com. No compensation will be given for any interval fee changes.

7. Further Agreements
By employing the services of editingMD.com I agree to release editingMD.com and any associated employees from all charges related to all interactions with editingMD.com.  Funds used to purchase a service are not transferable to another service.

8. Editing Services
Additional charges apply to documents submitted that exceed the specified word counts. I acknowledge my responsibility to provide editingMD.com with a sufficient draft(s) of the specified length where appropriate (according to specifications on editingMD.com, subject to change). EditingMD.com will not generate a document(s) for me. There are no refunds or service transfers for any revisions purchased but not used. New documents can not be submitted for editing in the place of a second revision of a different document following the initial documents initial review and editing.

9. No Guarantee
I acknowledge that there is no guarantee, stated or implied, that utilization of the academic editing services provided by editingMD will in anyway increase my success in any academic endeavors, including, but not limited to, research manuscript publication, meeting abstract submission, and research grant approval. I acknowledge that there is no guarantee, stated or implied, regarding the increased likelihood of a successful or improved residency or fellowship match following utilization of the services of editingMD.

10. Confidentiality
Documents submitted editingMD remain confidential and will not be viewed except by employees of editingMD without the express permission of the author(s).

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