Cleveland Clinic at night, Cleveland, OH.

Cleveland Clinic at night, Cleveland, OH.

Q: How does your editing process work?
A: After receiving your Word document and payment, your manuscript is briefly reviewed by the founding editor who decides which editor will perform premium editing for your document(s). All editorial changes are made in Word using track changes, which will allow you to accept or reject any of the changes made. Comments are recorded in the document using the track changes function. After completion of editing your manuscript will be emailed back to you. All documents receive a complimentary second review to allow for discussion between the author(s) and primary editor following initial document review.

Q: How long will it take for you to edit my personal statement/application/research manuscript?
A: Due to great variability in the writing quality of documents submitted to us, we do not promise to complete documents within a specific time frame. However, it is exceedingly rare for us to take more than 7 days to complete initial editing.

Q: Can I get my document returned within a certain time period?
A: We offer a “rush” editing service that is priced based on both how soon an applicant needs a document and the word count of the document submitted. The minimum rush service charge is $100. We encourage you to email us at service@editingMD.com with your specific needs and we will generate a personalized invoice to reflect the rush service.

Q: Can I wait to pay until after I email you my document?
A: Yes, you certainly can make initial contact with us before making payment; however, we require payment before asking an MD editor to review your document.

Q: Can I pay you after reviewing my edited document?
A: No, payment must be received prior to assigning your document to an MD editor.

Q: If I just want simple proofreading of my document (application document or academic document), can I simply enroll in revisions for that document?
A: No. Revisions are ONLY available to documents that have previously undergone standard editing by the physician editors of editingMD.com.

Q: Are documents submitted to EditingMD kept confidential?
A: Yes. We consider confidentiality to be one of the key parts of our mission to provide future colleagues with the best editing assistance available. Only EditingMD staff will view documents submitted for editing.

Q: Do you offer any additional editing services, such as application editing for other medical professions (PA, C-RNA, NP, RN etc)?
A: At this time we only offer the services listed on our website. We believe that a large part of our success is due to our focus on a relatively small subject area. This enables our editing MDs to provide their absolute best to clients. While our MDs are qualified to perform basic editing for most academic documents, the focus of editingMD is to greatly improve documents submitted to us, and as such we focus on areas where we have the greatest expertise.

Q: I just finished my research document’s second complimentary review, and I realized that I have 1 more minor question. Do I have to pay the $75 fee for an additional revision?
A: According to our policy, yes. However, at editingMD we leave this up to the individual editors and encourage you to email your brief question to them.

Q: For research manuscripts, do you include the references in the total page/word count?
A: Yes, we will automatically review the grammatical accuracy of references as part of our editing process. If you specifically do not want this service and paid based on the shorter document without references, we ask that you specify that in your initial email to service@editingMD.com or that you do not include the references in the word document submitted to our team.

Q: There aren’t many words on my title page. Will you count it as a page?
A: No, we ultimately calculate pages based on word counts, so the title page usually accounts for a small fraction of a page.

Q: Will you write my document for me?
A: No. EditingMD does not provide a writing service.